Randy Borden



Randy is a Lakeland enthusiast and local entrepreneur, and Mulberry Senior High School graduate. He is the original founding partner of streamerhouse, lkldlive, wikiism and lkldtv. He enjoys alone time, travel and conspiracy theories.

Chuck McDanal

President & General Manager


Chuck is responsible for the day-to-day operations of LkldTV as well as managing its growth and development. He brings a wide range of skills and experience in media, technology, leadership and management.

(Google translate version:) Chuck is the boss of all things at LkldTV because he can't really do anything else. You can find him in his office drinking coffee at all hours doing mysterious boss things that no one understands. He sighs a lot.

Jen McLaughlin

Executive Producer


Jen holds a key leadership role in conceptualizing, developing, and executing the vision and content for LkldTV. She is an expert communicator with a passion for telling stories from a unique perspective.

(Google Translate version:) Jen’s job is to make things interesting, manage creatives, and occasionally share her stash of mints. She can’t eat gluten so don’t ever expect doughnuts at the story-pitch meetings. It’s also physically impossible for her to write a two line bio. This is what we call a “Jen-length” one.

Calvin Knight



Calvin comes to LkldTV with a wealth of experience and love for photography and videography, the ability to navigate a shortcut in any local traffic jam and a booming laugh that may be best parked on his side of the sound equipment. A rare native Floridian, he has a fondness for craft beer, a good burger and a talent for capturing a good human interest story.

John Pitts

Creative Director


John brings decades of design experience with him to tackle the position of creative director for LkldTV in the areas of design, graphics, illustration and video. He attended the University of South Florida in Tampa, where he majored in astronomy, with a minor in art. Fun fact: John was an apprentice for a short time to Fred Lasswell, the writer/artist of the long-running comic strip, “Snuffy Smith.” He's won multiple national, international, state and local awards for design and illustration. John lives in Lakeland, has two sons and three granddaughters, fences and loves playing chess and WoW.

Frank Branca

Video Editor


Frank is our most-amazing video editor here at LkldTV. He's the one who helps bring it all together, and when no one's looking, also shoots video and photos. He is a family man and loves to skateboard.

Ariel Brown

Administrative Assistant


Ariel is our wonderful administrative assistant, whom you will often find at the entrance of the LkldTV studio. She is a Lakeland native and is a fan of all things local. Ariel enjoys reading and research, art and family. She is asked too often whether she's named after Disney's "Little Mermaid," which would be true. Ariel brings an open mind, is eager to learn and has a kind soul.