Latest Arts Stories

Sabertooth Swordsman of Lakeland


Native artist, Aaron M. Conley shares what it's like to be a working comic book artist in Lakeland.

Come Along with Eli Mosley


Local musician and Lakeland resident, Eli Mosley came to share some Country music roots and insight.

Fred Teller of Tales


Lakeland native and FSC Alumni, Fred Koehler is a unique illustrator and writer of children's novels.

Senior Spotlight: Harrison School for the Arts


Our last feature for Senior Spotlight in June is Eve Royal, a dancer from Harrison School for the Arts.

The Man with the Plan


City of Lakeland Development Director, Jim C. Studiale advocates for the preservation of historic Lakeland.

2nd Hand Life


Jim and Charly Agan are two woodworkers who turn reclaimed wood into cool pet-friendly projects.